add+impact ® <communication test>

add+impact ® <communication test>

Get the most from your advertising!

  • Get maximum effect for minimum cost from your media spend.  Given that only about a third of all advertising is effective, be sure your advertising works!
  • add+impact® is a specialised brand communication and advertising check that helps you to achieve great ads that build successful brands. It can be used to develop all types of advertising including TV, print, radio, outdoor and online, at any stage of development.  
  • An add+impact® analysis of your advertising will predict how well your ad will work and diagnose opportunities to enhance the effectiveness of the communication. The method combines in-depth qualitative responses, with the certainty of quantitative ratings. Results are benchmarked against a database of effective ads, not a norm of average ads.

Each add+impact® study is tailored to meet the specific objectives of the brand communication and uses a consistent and proven methodology to tell clients:

  • Whether the ad will be noticed
  • Which brand messages are conveyed to the target audience, both explicitly and implicitly
  • The relevance of these messages, and their impact on brand image and perceptions
  • The effect of the advertising on consumer’s feelings towards the brand
  • The strength of branding in the advertising
  • Potential changes to improve the impact of the advertising

We work with top advertisers around the world to help them develop great ads. So far add+impact®  has been applied:

  • to over 6,100 ads
  • for over 1,400 brands
  • in more than 55 countries
  • for ads at any stage of development
  • for all types of media

Today, add+impact® is available through a network of highly experienced research practitioners in over 50 countries.
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