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Durable Goods

The Brand is crucial, and it takes many years to build one. Many more than in consumer goods. The features of the products are important, and the customers make significant efforts to understand technical characteristics of the products. Unlike the case of consumer goods, the customers can well evaluate the  products and compare them with the competition. Understanding the dynamic of the customer needs, seeing the next technical wave and riding it, are critical for survival. Specialising in this field we developed the right research tools to correctly inform our clients.

Product categories surveyed

  • White goods · Brown goods · Handsets

Targets investigated

  • Consumers
  • Retailers
  • Solutions



Our specialised financial research department works since 2002 in close partnership relations with clients, actively involved in their company's business processes (from decisions on the right TV commercial to complex CRM systems). Our financial research consultants are highly rated for the clear understanding of the financial products, the capacity to deliver at high standards of accuracy and precision requested in this field, and the ability to advise based on research findings.

Product categories surveyed

  • Savings · Crediting · Leasing · Cards · Pensions · Insurance · Investments     

Targets investigated

  • Private Clients
  • Financial managers, chief accountants, general managers in small, medium & large corporations



FMCG Research has been at the core of our company’s development and has continued to be one of the key expertise area of our research consultants. Our FMCG Research expertise helps both multinational and local companies in developing adequate market strategies and brands, in creating and launching new successful products, and improving marketing tactics in sales and distribution, pricing, advertising and promotion.

Product categories surveyed

  • Food · Confectionery · Coffee · Alcoholic Drinks · Non-alcoholic Beverages · Household Products · Personal care · Beauty · Tobacco · Pet Food · Retail · Wholesale · Fast Food

Targets investigated

  • Consumers · Retailers · Distributors                                        



Since our first healthcare studies in 1996, our team has gained extensive expertise in surveys conducted on specialists, patients with chronic diseases, pharmacists and representatives of health authorities and patient associations

Therapeutic Areas Researched

  • AHT · asthma · Central nervous system · CHF · Chronic venous insufficiency · Diabetes · Dermatology · Gynecology · Hypercholesterolaemia · Endocrinology · Erectile dysfunction · Infectious disease/HIV · Oncology · Ophthalmic agents · Respiratory · Rheumatology · Urological diseases

Targets investigated

  • Patients
  • GPs
  • Specialists
  • Pharmacists



Present in all main areas of media research, we pioneered in Romania the day-after recall in readership through TGI, we developed for Euromedia the first audience measurement for OOH transit media, we are part of the radio audience measurement system for ARA since the very beginning. Based on our extensive media knowledge, we provide specific research services for all types of media companies - TV stations, Radio stations, Publishers, Outdoor providers.

Categories surveyed

  • Print  · TV  · Radio · Outdoor

Targets investigated

  • General audience



Social & Public Services

We are proud to contribute to meaningful undertakings for the benefit of our society:

  • Extensive experience in running Governmental projects on subjects of ample significance for public policies
  • Partner with NGOs in studying social problems of great concern
  • Participate in winning consortia for complex projects with social research or polling components

Areas investigated

  • Human Traffic · Children rights · Public Health (HIV prevention, TB treatment, iodine deficiency, children  nutrition, family planning, universal precautions implementation in the healthcare system, pandemic preparedness) · Street Aggression · Migration · Waste management · Hazard Risk Mitigation and Emergency Preparedness · Civil Services (functionari publici) · Culture and heritage Corporate Giving · Business Environment in Romania     


  • Agency for Governmental Strategies · National Agency for Public Functionaries · British Council Romania · Euro Training and Education Center · Institute of Public Health Bucharest · IRIS CENTER · Johns Hopkins University / Population Communication Services · London School of Economics and Political Science ·Ministry of Administration and Interiors · Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Romanian General  · Ministry of Culture and Cults · Ministry of Environment and Water Administration · Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development · Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection · International Organisation for Migration · PSI Romania · Red Cross Romania


  • Please view more details about our projects (Romanian version) here

The largest provider of research services for IT and Telecommunications operators, we set up a dedicated telecom research department since 2002. We are best equipped to survey the customers of telecom services through our own 79 stations CATI facility, and are the only provider of invaluable information from our syndicated telecom research studies on the residential (Res!com) and business (T:Business) markets.

Product categories surveyed

  • Voice (fixed and mobile) · Internet  · TV Distribution (cable, DTH - satellite) · Software · Hardware  · Data Services (VPN)

Targets investigated

  • Residential

  • IT responsible in small, medium & large businesses



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