• Focus Groups (FGs)
  • In-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • Pair-depth interviews (PDIs)
  • Ethnographic research:
    • In-home visits
    • Assisted Shopping Trips
    • Accompanied Consumption Moments
  • Netnography

Target respondents for qualitative research – experience in recruiting:

  • Consumers – from housewives to users of premium brands or narrow incidence targets: high income, users of complex services
  • Business – decision makers in SOHO, SME, large corporations on financial services or telecom services; fleet managers;
  • Opinion leaders – cultural personalities, media people;
  • Local and central authorities
  • Doctors – from GPs to small universe specialisation (HIV specialists, oncologists, immunologists, haematologists etc)
  • Patients, patient association leaders
  • Pharmacists


  • Own team of moderators , with background in psychology, marketing, sociology, who have undergone extensive qualitative research training covering both theoretical and practical aspects
  • Separate team of interviewers for respondents recruitment and confirmations
  • Relaxing and informal one-way mirror focus group room
  • Soundproof viewing room with DVD recording and possibility of simultaneous translation
  • Possibility of live transmission via Internet using own system or Focus Vision
  • Possibility of audio-video recording, traditional or video diaries for ethnographic research


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