CommTrack <brand & communication tracking>

CommTrack <brand & communication tracking>

Even if advertising is tested before going on air, it is virtually impossible to tell how it will perform in real life, amongst the clutter of competitive advertising, and cross-referenced with other marketing variables like sales contests, trade and consumer promotions, distribution levels, which impact on the advertising campaign performance.

Our ComTrack system can assist in monitoring the effectiveness of your advertising over time, compared to major competitors, in real-world environment. It can tell you when a campaign starts to wear out. It can identify which ads are delivering against communication objectives.

ComTrack is tailored to the product category and the client’s objectives and is designed to accurately measure an advertising campaign’s long-term effects, including:

  • Brand and advertising awareness
  • Advertising message recall
  • Advertising recognition
  • Brand image
  • Trial and usage indicators
  • Media usage

ComTrack will provide valuable feedback to help you understand if your advertising is attracting attention, if the key messages are getting through, or if your brand image is improving over time.


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