CommCheck <copy test>

CommCheck <copy test>

Presenting your copy to a group of people for comments and critics might sound scary and unproductive. Some could argue that ordinary people have no skills and knowledge to judge the products of marketing & communication professionals or to give you creative ideas about how to make a better copy. True. Talking to consumers does not tell you whether the campaign would be a hit or a failure, whether your sales will bloom or not. Nor is a script for a better copy produced in a focus group.

However getting consumers’ open and extensive feedback in copy testing empowers you with information necessary to assess how well the copy answers your communication goals.

Our team of highly qualified moderators has in-depth market research and sector knowledge and through copy testing can help you build a solid diagnose of your copy’s ability to convey the right message and to project the right image of your brand by answering questions such as:

  • Is the copy making sense or not to your target?
  • What brand ideas is your target taking out of your ad?  
  • Are these in line with your intended communication?
  • How relevant, credible and interesting are the copy’s messages to your audience?
  • Are there any  elements that convey wrong messages or impede copy’s understanding, acceptance or credibility?


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