TrialFit <product test>

TrialFit <product test>

Ideally, a brilliant new product concept should develop into an equally brilliant actual product. Once the new product is available, one should test if the customers reactions are up to expectations, and if it surpasses competition for the targeted segment, as expected.

TrialFit is conducted as blind monadic tests for the new product and the main competitor in the relevant setting for consumption. This approach:

  • isolates the product competitive advantage from the brand (the blind feature)
  • allows comparison and benchmarking with main competition as well as previous or future tests (the monadic feature), and
  • diminishes the testing effect in the measured consumer reaction (the relevant setting)

The main outcome of the product test is a better decision on the further development of the new product, based on performance vs. expectations (action standards), comparison with main competitor, or with previously tested and successfully launched products.


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