ExcellenceMetrics <customer satisfaction & loyalty>

ExcellenceMetrics <customer satisfaction & loyalty>

Even the simple, basic customer feed-back is tremendously important for any business, as acting on it can drive customer loyalty. Highly motivated, operationally involved managers or entrepreneurs will easily interpret the information and turn it into great plans for success. What these people have, that allows them to instantly interpret and seamlessly apply the customer feed-back into successful actions, is:

  • immediate contact with the customers
  • unaltered sense of responsibility
  • instinctual alignment with the business objectives

As larger organisations do not have a unique, operationally involved decision person, we devised our customer satisfaction research product to compensate for the entrepreneurial qualities in the corporation:

  • link to customer relevant touch points – measure what counts for customers and direct the business towards customer needs
  • link to client’s processes – allow for accountability and delegation of responsibility
  • link to client’s desired results, not only customer satisfaction or customer loyalty – interpret the study results from the business objectives perspective

Our customer satisfaction research will cover:

  • management interviews
  • employee interviews
  • customer interviews
  • design of the customer experience measurement system
  • quantitative data collection
  • linkage with internal client data
  • reporting on service levels and action priorities on units / departments, internal and external benchmarking
  • advice on applied marketing programs targeted at survey driven segments from the existing client pool or from prospects


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