ScoutStraight <mystery shopping>

ScoutStraight <mystery shopping>

We offer our clients valid independent control of their customer service procedures and best practices through mystery shopping. By executing adequate mystery shopping studies we contribute to the improvement of the management and motivational tools available for our clients.

Our mystery shopping studies’ superior results spring from:

  • our consultants’ effort to fully understand and clarify the procedures and practices that need control
  • adequate design of scenarios to cover the procedures and practices evaluated
  • credibility of mystery shoppers (through training and mindful recruitment of mystery shoppers)

By applying the above principles we manage to avoid common pitfalls of mystery shopping studies:

  • mystery shoppers with limited competence advising on customer care practices
  • results that do not represent the desired outcomes, and thus replace motivation to improve with tension between top management, middle management, and execution levels
  • employees that recognise mystery shoppers and act to obtain maximum scores, rendering the mystery shopping completely useless


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