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Omnibus Research    

The most cost effective way to obtain relevant market information

  • MercuryOmniBus <Face-to-Face Omnibus>

    MercuryOmnibus is the cost-effective, flexible tool for continuous monitoring of brands and product categories. Now the tables come with an easy-to-use crosstab generator…

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  • CATIbus <Telephone Omnibus>

    Mercury Research hosts a modern dedicated CATI facility of 79 workstations using NIPO-Odin software for interviewing and database management.

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  • IBus <Online Omnibus>

    In October 2009 Mercury Research launched the first online omnibus in Romania. The sample of 500 respondents, representative for online population has its source in our own…

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Our company covers all types of quantitative research methodologies, and is thus able to recommend and implement most appropriate and cost efficient  data collection method at any time.
We employ solid checking and validation systems for all types of data collection methods, making sure we provide the most accurate and useful information for our clients.

  • Face-to-Face

    Own network of interviewers, able to handle all types of data collection, from traditional PAPI to latest CAWI methodologies: national coverage both urban and rural over…

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  • CATI

    Brief Description: Own facility in Bucharest 79 CATI stations working simultaneously using NIPO software Over 100 CATI interviewers Call management Automatic dialling Possibility…

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  • Online

    Mercury Research Online Panel Largest online panel available for Romania Continuously growing panel Panel compliant with ESOMAR’s market research code Panel used exclusively…

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  • Focus Groups (FGs)
  • In-depth interviews (IDIs)
  • Pair-depth interviews (PDIs)
  • Ethnographic research:
    • In-home visits
    • Assisted Shopping Trips
    • Accompanied Consumption Moments
  • Netnography

Target respondents for qualitative research – experience in recruiting:

  • Consumers – from housewives to users of premium brands or narrow incidence targets: high income, users of complex services
  • Business – decision makers in SOHO, SME, large corporations on financial services or telecom services; fleet managers;
  • Opinion leaders – cultural personalities, media people;
  • Local and central authorities
  • Doctors – from GPs to small universe specialisation (HIV specialists, oncologists, immunologists, haematologists etc)
  • Patients, patient association leaders
  • Pharmacists


  • Own team of moderators , with background in psychology, marketing, sociology, who have undergone extensive qualitative research training covering both theoretical and practical aspects
  • Separate team of interviewers for respondents recruitment and confirmations
  • Relaxing and informal one-way mirror focus group room
  • Soundproof viewing room with DVD recording and possibility of simultaneous translation
  • Possibility of live transmission via Internet using own system or Focus Vision
  • Possibility of audio-video recording, traditional or video diaries for ethnographic research
Data processing    

Team of experienced analysts, with backgrounds in Statistics, Mathematics, Cybernetics, using advanced software solutions for scripting and tabulations.


  • Confirmit for online research
  • NIPO for CATI research
  • Also offered as a service for research companies 


  • SPSS
  • QPS
  • Also offered as a service for research companies
Statistical Analysis & Modelling    

Conjoint analysis

Forecasting is needed by all businesses. All request it, but looking into the future belongs to magic, not economics or science. How about simulating hypothetical scenarios based on hard facts? Let the customers make choices, observe that systematically, then skilfully model their decision making process. With proper knowledge of the way people decide, simulate the scenarios of your interest. What if I increase price, what if I launch a new product, what if the competitors copy my moves? The results are realistic and based on facts.

Methods of Regression (OLS, Logistic, etc.):

  • Customer satisfaction / loyalty applications: estimate how important are different attributes in generating satisfaction and loyalty
  • Strategic applications: what factors influence the decision to choose one brand or another; what drives high consumption / frequency in a given product category

Perceptual Maps (using correspondence, MDS, discriminant, factor analysis)
Translate complex positioning of brands from your customer mind onto a two-dimensional map on paper. Several options are possible, from simple mapping of brands to complex mapping of brands, customer segments, ideal brands for each segment. While the first will accurately describe the positioning of brands in your consumer’s mind, the latter concentrates all strategic directions for your company.

Discriminant Analysis

  • Customer satisfaction / loyalty applications: estimate how important are different attributes in generating satisfaction and loyalty. Discriminant analysis offers superior results to regression, bivariate or multiple correlation, given a proper and efficient design.
  •  Strategic applications: with a combination of cluster, factor, and discriminant analysis you can transform a customer driven segmentation into a management instrument functional across the entire marketing part of the organisation (screen and qualify your customers, design targeted products, monitor sales and communication performance for each strategic line).

Factor Analysis
The diverse thinking and behaviour of your customers and prospects may well have simple explanations. Generally a few powerful levers can help you understand and therefore manage complex and apparently chaotic realities. Factor analysis is the most simple step towards the underlying levers of reality.

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