Mercury Research Online Panel

  • Largest online panel available for Romania
  • Continuously growing panel
  • Panel compliant with ESOMAR’s market research code
  • Panel used exclusively for market research studies
  • Average response rate around 35%

Panel Qualification

  • All panelists recruited via a double opt-in e-mail process
  • Regular incoherence checks on registration vs. on-going profile data
  • Security measures in place to detect duplication at the time of registration.

Panel Integrity and Quality

  • Hard bounce e-mails and duplicate checks run every day
  • Duplicates checked during and after registration process
  • Panelists who give inconsistent responses are removed from the database
  • All sample extraction is randomized
  • Unresponsive panelists are purged on a monthly basis
  • Panelists regularly encouraged to update their profiles
  • Number of surveys in any given period a panelists can participate to is configurable based on client needs
  • Respondent satisfaction measured at the end of each survey

Online Services Available

  • Sample Only Services
  • Questionnaire Programming Services
  • Data Processing and Tabulations

For conducting online research projects we use Sawtooth software


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