CATIbus <Telephone Omnibus>

CATIbus <Telephone Omnibus>

Starting January 2009, Mercury Research has launched the monthly syndicated survey, CATIbus, using CATI data collection technology (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews).

Mercury Research hosts a modern dedicated CATI facility of 40 workstations using NIPO-Odin software for interviewing and database management.


  • Fast turnaround - from approval on questionnaire to receiving tables
    • 10 working days for 500 interviews
    • 15 working days for 1,000 interviews
  • Cost effective
  • with a good coverage of young people (starting from 14 y.o.)
  • Representative for covering over 80% of all Romanian population (via mobile phones)


  • Data collection: CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews
  • Respondent profile: 14+ y.o., residents of Romania
  • Sample size:
    • extended - 1,000 interviews
    • economical - 500 interviews


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