Brief Description:

  • Large own facility in Bucharest
  • Possibility to extend with CATI at home during peak times
  • Over 100 CATI interviewers
  • Call management
  • Automatic dialling
  • Possibility to play radio commercials/jingles and record respondents’ open answers
  • Monitoring fulfilment of sample quotas
  • Allows rotation of questionnaire sections, questions, statements

 Respondents selection:

  • Random selection of respondents using Kish methods
  • Random digit dialling from database of mobile phone numbers allocated by ANCOM

 CATI System Benefits:

  • Fast data collection
  • Clean and accurate database
  • Close checking of the data collection activity; live monitoring of telephone interviews
  • Quick database delivery from end of data collection

 Quality control procedures:

  • 100% supervision of all interviewers through live listening and screen monitoring


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