DecisionMap <U&A segmentation studies>

DecisionMap <U&A segmentation studies>

We surpass the traditional U&A studies by offering a high level of information relevance for strategy development through a systematic approach to customising the study for client’s marketing objectives and strategy development process, and for the market characteristics and the customer perspective. Additionally, we enable our clients to monitor the results of the strategy implementation in future tracking studies through an easy-to-replicate market segmentation technique.


  • Briefing on marketing objectives – align research design to marketing objectives
  • Exploratory qualitative research – ensure customer relevance
  • Client-customer active interaction – create involvement for client’s strategy team
  • Strategy development initial workshop – complete research design with client’s strategy development process
  • Quantitative study – gather relevant information from customers through extensive U&A study
  • Strategy development final workshop – refine market segmentation and generate complete list of information needed to work out the marketing plans from both research and client knowledge
  • Monitoring of strategy implementation – generate accountability



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