Research Solutions

Mercury Research has developed appropriate research tools to offer invaluable information to help marketing professionals better understand their markets. We acknowledge the important differences between particular industries and have designed special strategic research tools to adequately describe each market.

Know the Market
  • DecisionMap <U&A segmentation studies>

    We surpass the traditional U&A studies by offering a high level of information relevance for strategy development through a systematic approach to customizing the study…

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  • ShopperVu <shopper research>

    ShopperVu is a qualitative shopper research solution which offers the possibility to see the buying decision process directly through the eyes of the consumer.

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  • Diagnosis Rates

    Diagnosis Rates is a syndicated survey covering more than 80.000 respondents since 2003 and it provides information about diagnosis rates of main chronic illnesses in Romania's…

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  • T:Business <business telecommunications market>

    T:Business is the only panel of companies in Romania that offers information from decision makers on usage of telecom services and on attitudes and satisfaction.

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  • res!com <residential telecom market>

    Res!com is Mercury Research's continuous study of the residential telecommunications market and it helps clients keep up-dated with the market changes.

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Optimise Products

Deciding to optimise your products in a very competitive market is most of the time a must and not an option. We have developed complex tools and analysis to help our partners decide on the optimum price range, understand the customers' decision making process and how package might affect sales.

  • ImproveFit <conjoint analysis>

    We can offer our clients the possibility to see how would the preference for a new product evolve, it one or more features of the product changed.

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  • MarketFit <simulated market test>

    The simulated market test mimics what happens in the market, trying to replicate the real market experience for the customer.

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  • TrialFit <product test>

    The main outcome of the product test is a better decision on the further development of the new product, based performance vs. expectations and comparison with main competitor.

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  • PriceSpan <pricing studies>

    Options for pricing studies in Mercury Research range from identifying optimum price range in non-competitive context, in Van Westendorp methodologies to complex conjoint…

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  • PackDrive <package test>

    Our PackDrive methodology allows you to assess the influence of launching a new package design in terms of purchasing intentions and obtain insights on how to improve the…

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  • ExploreFit <concept test>

    Our concept test offers the right measures to help clients decide worthiness of the new launch, based on norms appropiate for the client's company, brands and market.

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Improve Operations

Almost any industry has a service component, ranging from financial institutions that offer services only to their customers, to packaged goods producers that offer category management services to retailers or sales skills training to wholesale distributors. And with services, any quality management tool available involves the customer. Mercury Research can assist you in talking to your customers directly through customer satisfaction studies, or in having professional mystery shoppers evaluate your service quality.

Should you need assistance or more information on our solutions and sector expertise, our experts will guide you.


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