Know the Market

Mercury Research has developed appropriate research tools to offer invaluable information to help marketing professionals better understand their markets. We acknowledge the important differences between particular industries and have designed special strategic research tools to adequately describe each market.

  • DecisionMap <U&A segmentation studies> 22 Jan 2014
    We surpass the traditional U&A studies by offering a high level of information relevance for strategy development through a systematic approach to customising the… Read more
  • ShopperVu <shopper research> 24 Jan 2014
    ShopperVu is a qualitative shopper research solution which offers the possibility to see the buying decision process directly through the eyes of the consumer. Read more
  • Diagnosis Rates 13 Feb 2014
    Aiming at providing information about diagnosis rates of main chronic illnesses in Romania’s population over 14 years old, Diagnosis Rates is a  syndicated survey… Read more
  • T:Business <business telecommunications market> 13 Feb 2014
    Launched by our company in 2008, T:Business is the only panel of companies in Romania that offers information from decision makers on usage of… Read more
  • res!com <residential telecom market> 13 Feb 2014
    Since 2006, monitoring telecom services usage and expenditures for households (fixed phone lines, Internet and TV services) and for individuals (mobile phone services). Read more


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