Healthy Eating, Global Survey

Healthy Eating, Global Survey

Research Background

Healthy eating is increasingly gaining importance in consumers’ life worldwide. After conducting an exploratory qualitative study in 9 countries, Global Market Reserach together with its representative in Romania, Mercury Research, decided to dig deeper into the findings, understand attitudes towards healthy eating and highlight differences in consumer motives across 16 countries in 4 continents.

Research Goals

The aim of this study is to better comprehend the consumer attitudes towards healthy eating quantifying some of the findings of the qualitative research of 2018 like: 

  • Attitudes on habits towards healthy eating
  • Healthy eating trends
  • Opportunities and threats

Findings - Preview

  • Romanians preoccupied with healthy eating introduced more fruits and vegetables in their diet (44%), reduced sugar intake (43%) and started to eat food made at home (39%)
  • Consuming more fruits and vegetables is the most common action taken by respondents to eat healthier especially in S. America and Asia
  • Actions like reducing sugar intake is not so common in N. America like it is in Europe and S. America
  • In Asia reducing the intake of red meats is more common

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