One in Ten Romanians Owns a Smartphone

One in Ten Romanians Owns a Smartphone

Highschool and university students are most gadget endowed

The res!com survey conducted by Mercury Research at the end of 2013 reveals that 12% of 14+ years old Romanian own a smartphone, while 5% own a tablet.  Smartphones and tablets usage is more popular amongst highschool and university students, people younger than 35 years old and people with higher education. A significant percentage of gadget owners do not use them to connect to the Internet.

Highschool and university students – most technologically up to date

Gadget ownership does not necessarily correlate with own financial resources, thus highschool and university students are well ahead both employees and entrepreneurs. If amongst employees, just one in six owns a smartphone, the percentage of highschool and university students owning the device is much higher, reaching 38%. Highschool and university students lead in terms of tablet ownership as well, with 14% owning the device, as compared to only 14% of entrepreneurs and 6% of employees.

Students are well ahead other population segments in terms of dual usage as well, 8% owning both a smartphone and a tablet, almost three times as much as the national average (3%).

Gadget = mobile Internet?

Even if Internet penetration is on the rise lately, as well as sales of smartphones and tablets, owning such a device does not necessarily equate using it for Internet navigation. res!com survey reveals 20% of smartphone owners never use the device to connect to the Internet, the percentage being even higher for tablet owners – 43% do not use it to connect to the Internet. Tablets are more likely used for games, given the high proportion of owners who do not use them for Internet access.

Highschool and university students are however ranking higher in terms of online presence via mobile devices, most of the owners using them to access the Internet. Only 12% of highschool and university students owning a smartphone and 18% of tablet owners do not use the gadget to access the Internet.

The study is nationally representative and has been conducted in September 2013, via face-to-face interviews on a sample of 1200 respondents aged 14 years or older. The maximum sapling error for a 95% level of confidence is +/-2.8%.

res!com is the first syndicated survey on the Romanian telecom market, offering information on residential usage and spending of telecom services since 2006.

Mercury Research is the largest independent market reasearch  company in Romania. Present on the Romanian market since 1994, the company offers research solutions adapted to sectors such as IT&C, financial, fmcg, retail, media, healthcare, automotive and social.



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